Individuals, groups and business donations—financial and otherwise—are the backbone of the Bastrop County Emergency Food Pantry. These donations—complemented with special event proceeds and grants—drive the scope, quality and relevance of the Food Pantry.   While the Food Pantry has consistently proved worthy of the support of all of us, we all have different ways in which we can provide that support.   Below are several options, one or more of which may best give voice to your support.

Donations of Time and Talent

Your time is valuable to you and of incalculable worth to the Food Pantry.   It enables the Pantry to conserve its financial resources that might otherwise need to be directed to paid staffing, it demonstrates measurably the value that our citizens place on the mission of the Food Pantry and literary makes the Food Pantry “work”.   More information on Volunteer Opportunities may be found under VOLUNTEER.

Monetary Donations

Your tax deductible cash donation allows the Food Pantry to purchase healthful, nutritious foods for our clients at a fraction of the cost of foods purchased at local grocery stores.   The Pantry stretches those dollars by buying in bulk and at discount and through the Central Texas Food Bank where each dollar buys seven pounds of food.

Your donation may be made in cash or by check to 806 Fayette Street Bastrop, TX or mailed to PO 953 Bastrop, TX 78602.

To donate by credit card or PayPal donations, please click the button below:


‘Sacrificial Few’ Giving

Consistent donations are the backbone to our operations and help the Food Pantry set a baseline for budget building and for undertaking fundraising drives and events needed to meet rising food costs and increasing demand for Food Pantry services.   The “Sacrificial Few” program provides essential financial predictability to Food Pantry operations and is designed to help those who chose this donation path to spread their financial commitment to the Food Pantry in regular monthly payments over the course of the year.

Gift and Tributes to Others

Throughout the year, the Food Pantry provides an opportunity for you to honor someone dear to you at an important time in their life—a birthday, anniversary, significant life event or accomplishment, a holiday remembrance—or as a memorial to a family member, friend or associate.

Your donation to the Food Pantry in their name makes the honoree part of a mission that has transformed so many lives and added measurably to the quality of life in our community. The Food Pantry will send an acknowledgment of your gift to the honoree or, in the case of a memorial, to the person whom you designate.