Gina O’Hara


Gina O’Hara has had a long career as a commercial insurance agent with Anco Insurance.  As such, she has been an advocate for her clients just as she advocates for those in need now through her work on our Board.

As a young single mother, Gina sought help from a food pantry herself.  Never forgetting how close many are to needing a helping hand when the chips are down, Gina hopes to pay it forward at this point in her life through her work on the Board.   She has strong interests in nutrition, food availability and preserving the dignity of those who find themselves in a vulnerable position.

She and husband, Bill O’Hara, have been Bastrop County residents since 2013.  She has one grown daughter, Cassie Doolittle and two grand-daughters living in Bastrop as well as four step-children.